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Marabunta Grande | Venta de productos

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25.05.2017 - Start 

Stevie Pallento Marabunta Grande [1-7/10] Don Fro
Stevie Pallento Marabunta Grande [9/10] Pablo Montinuo (ПСЖ)

Stevie Wonder Los Santos Vagos Gang [7/10] Alan Lora 
Stevie Wonder Los Santos Vagos Gang [7/10] Marceline Ortega (ПСЖ)

Stevie Wonder inactive [10/10] (**.07.2018 - 10.08.2018)

Stevie Wonder EMS [3/10] Randy Campton (ПСЖ)
Stevie Wonder Marabunta Grande [7/10] John Muir
Stevie Wonder Marabunta Grande [8/10] Adan Shef
Stevie Wonder Marabunta Grande [9/10] Avitus Medinа

Bliss Time The Ballas Gang [8/10] Abraam Johnson
Stevie Wonder Marabunta Grande [10/10] Now (Отстоял)
Yolo Harris Marabunta Grande [8/10] Oliver Prado

Bliss Time DMV [4/10] Jesse McKenzie

Stevie Wonder inactive [10/10] (02.01.2019 - **.**.2019)



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